Weyauwega man charged in 1992 murders retains attorneys

WAUPACA COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – A man charged in the 1992 murders of two people in Waupaca County has found two attorneys to represent him.

Online court records posted Friday show Tony G. Haase has retained John A. Birdsall and Kirk Bowden Obear to represent him in the double murder case.

On Aug. 23, Haase was scheduled to go before a judge for a preliminary hearing, but that date was postponed because he had yet to hire an attorney. Haase is scheduled for an adjourned initial appearance on Aug. 29.

Haase is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the stabbing deaths of Tanna Togstad and Tim Mumbrue in Weyauwega in 1992. He was recently arrested based on DNA evidence. Court documents say he blamed Togstad’s father for a snowmobile crash that killed his own father 15 years earlier.

When investigators questioned Haase, he denied murdering them but then said when he saw reports of the murders in 1992 “he was afraid he was involved.” He said he had “snippets” of memories through the years.

Haase said when he was young, his father was racing with two other snowmobilers. One of them hit Haase’s father’s snowmobile, then the other snowmobile ran over him. Togstad’s father was one of the snowmobilers. His father died on New Year’s Eve, 1977. Investigators say Haase was 7 years old.

Haase went on to say on the night of March 20, 1992, he was going from bar to bar, getting into a drunken stupor, and started thinking about his father’s death. He went to Togstad’s house. He couldn’t say why, but he said he didn’t go to hurt anyone. He got into a fight with Mumbrue. Haase had a knife — he couldn’t remember if he’d brought it or it was in the house — and stabbed Mumbrue.

Togstad yelled and Haase punched her in the face, knocking her out. When she stirred, he stabbed her in the chest.

Because the crimes were committed 30 years ago, Haase, now 51, is charged under the laws in effect at the time. The murder charges still carry life in prison if he’s convicted.

Haase is being held on a $2 million cash bond.


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