Attorneys to visit Alan Miller after failed execution attempt

A federal judge Friday ordered the Alabama Department of Corrections to allow attorneys for death row inmate Alan Eugene Miller to assess any injuries he may have sustained from a failed execution Thursday.

U.S. District Court Judge R. Austin Huffaker also ordered DOC to preserve physical evidence from the execution attempt and communications among DOC staff on Thursday evening.

Miller’s attorneys made the request for visitation in a motion filed Friday morning.

“Defendants have publicly admitted they had difficulty accessing his veins during the process, and the execution was called off,” the motion said. “Mr. Miller has injuries from the attempted execution that can and should be photographed and/or filmed.”

DOC conducts executions through lethal injection, which requires staff to find veins to insert IV lines. In 2018, staff prodded death row inmate Doyle Lee Hamm’s legs and groin for two-and-a-half hours before he began bleeding on the gurney to which he was strapped. Hamm’s execution was canceled.

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